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Technology Innovation Office


Engage. Innovate. Transform.

The mission of the Technology Innovation Office is to engage in the exploration and development of innovative and meaningful technology-based solutions aimed at transforming the academic, learning and business environments at Texas State University.

Current Projects

Lecture hall



The university lacks a single attendance tracking method that can capture data for student success. In order to be adopted, a unified solution must be affordable, scalable and user friendly.

Letcure Hall



Common questions might be easily answered using chatbots - things like "where are you located?" or "what are your hours?" How might chatbots be leveraged to improve Texas State services?

smart speaker


Voice Assistant Services

Voice assistant devices are beginning to move into university classrooms and residence halls. Having a virtual assistant could have benefits, but has to be balanced against the limitations of the current technology and privacy. Where might voice assistant devices be appropriate at Texas State and how might they be used?

Submit an Idea

We want to hear about technology-related ideas you have that might solve a problem or provide a new opportunity. We focus on ideas that address academics, teaching and learning, as well as business operations.

You have a technology related idea…your idea might

  • make your job easier
  • help you manage your course work
  • save you or someone else time
  • improve the quality of life here on campus or elsewhere

But you may not know if your idea is feasible or have the time to research and implement your idea. That’s where the Technology Innovation Office will help.

We're working now to launch a process that will allow everyone to share ideas and contribute solutions.